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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of America +‎ KKK

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (derogatory slang) The United States of America. Generally used in depicting the country as fascist or racist.
    • 1970 July, “White Ethics and Black Power: The Emergence of the West Side Organization”, in Black World/Negro Digest, volume 19, number 9, page 83:
      In Amerikkka, this movement is evident from efforts to control the institutions serving and located within Black communities.
    • c. 1970, in Broadside, Volumes 88-129,[1] page 106:
      [] lead to an inevitable rise of fascism at home. Now that the U.S. is spreading the aggression in Indo-China the danger is coming icily close. The Black Panthers believe this is already a Fascist Amerikkka; we can understand this view from the black ghetto. We happen to hold that many Americans will resist, and there may be a Civil War in which thousands, if not millions, will die. Feeling thus, it is hard to get enthused about cleaning up the Hudson. There is a strong suspicion that Earth Day was a diversion, for at that very moment plans were being put in operation in Washington to spread death and destruction to Cambodia.
    • 1990, Ice Cube:
      AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (album name)
    • 2002, Courtney X, Lasting Visions, page 202:
      [] it's so obscene and Amerikkka and greedy, but pleasing to the eye []
    • 2009, Marcyliena H. Morgan, The real hiphop: battling for knowledge, power, and respect, page 161:
      Ben Caldwell recalls the scene as follows:
      Life as we know it is about to change
      I smell it within the air the weather is getting strange
      Drugged up sedated and numb from the pain
      The sickness in Amerikkka has spread to her brain [...]


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