Appendix:Australian English football terms

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  • aerial ping-pongAustralian rules football (derogatory term)
  • bum-sniffing – derogatory term used to describe rugby, due to the use of the scrum
  • cross-country wrestling - rugby league (derogatory term)
  • footy - short for football; Australian rules football in Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia; rugby league in New South Wales and Queensland.
  • guernsey – a sporting team jumper; by extension also sometimes means a place on a sporting team as in didn't get a guernsey, meaning didn't get a place on the team or a chance to play.
  • kick and giggle - Australian Rules Football
  • maggot - an AFL umpire (white maggot)
  • mark – to catch a ball cleanly off another player's boot in Aussie rules, a feat which entitles the marker (catcher) to a free kick.
  • pinged – caught doing something wrong, esp. by an umpire in the game of Australian rules football when penalised for holding the ball.
  • rah rah - Rugby Union
  • rain maker - in Australian Rules football, a kick in which the ball goes very high, while covering a relatively small distance on the ground. In earlier times these kicks were actually thought to cause rain.
  • throwball - derogatory name for rugby, usually used in the city of Melbourne where calling Rugby "football" is seen as inapropriate

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