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The following is a lists of IATA airport codes, IATA location identifiers or IATA station codes. The three-letter codes are selected by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) designate many airports around the world. The characters prominently displayed on baggage tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of a way these codes are used.

The assignment of these codes is governed by IATA Resolution 767, and it is administered by IATA headquarters in Montreal. The codes are published biannually in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.


  • LAA (KLAA): Lamar Municipal Airport, Lamar, Colorado, United States
  • LAE (KLAE): Lae Airport, Lae, Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
  • LAF (KLAF): Purdue University Airport, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
  • LAL (KLAL): Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland, Florida, United States
  • LAM (KLAM): Los Alamos Airport, Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States
  • LAN (KLAN): Lansing Capital City Airport, Lansing, Michigan, United States
  • LAP (MMLP): Manuel Márquez de León International Airport, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • LAR (KLAR): Laramie Regional Airport, Laramie, Wyoming, United States
  • LAS (KLAS): McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • LAW (KLAW): Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport, Lawton, Oklahoma, United States
  • LAX (KLAX): Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, United States


  • LBA (EGNM): Leeds Bradford International Airport, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • LBB (KLBB): Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, Lubbock, Texas, United States
  • LBC (EDHL): Lübeck Airport, Lübeck (near Hamburg), Germany
  • LBE (KLBE): Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States near Pittsburgh
  • LBF (KLBF): North Platte Regional Airport (Lee Bird Field): North Platte, Nebraska, United States
  • LBG (LFPB): Paris-Le Bourget Executive Airport, Le Bourget, France
  • LBI (LFCI): Le Sequestre Airport, Albi (near Paris), France
  • LBL (KLBL): Liberal Municipal Airport, Liberal, Kansas, United States
  • LBO (KLBO): Floyd W. Jones Lebanon Airport, Lebanon, Missouri, United States
  • LBR (KLBR): Clarksville/Red River County Airport (J.D. Trissell Field): Clarksville, Texas, United States
  • LBT (KLBT): Lumberton Municipal Airport, Lumberton, North Carolina, United States
  • LBV (FOOL): Leon M'Ba International Airport, Libreville, Gabon
  • LBX (KLBX): Brazoria County Airport, Angleton/Lake Jackson, Texas, United States


  • LCA (LCLK): Larnaca International Airport, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • LCG (KLCG): Wayne Municipal Airport, Wayne, Nebraska, United States
  • LCG (LECO): La Coruña Airport, La Coruña, Spain
  • LCH (KLCH): Lake Charles Regional Airport, Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
  • LCI (KLCI): Laconia Municipal Airport, Laconia, New Hampshire, United States
  • LCJ (EPLL): Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport, Łódź, Poland
  • LCK (KLCK): Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • LCQ (KLCQ): Lake City Municipal Airport, Lake City, Florida, United States
  • LCY (EGLC): London City Airport, London, United Kingdom


  • LDB (SBLO): Londrina - Aeroporto de Londrina, Londrina, Brasil
  • LDE (LFBT): Tarbes - Lourdes Pyrenees Airport, Lourdes, France
  • LDJ (KLDJ): Linden Airport, Linden, New Jersey, United States
  • LDM (KLDM): Mason County Airport, Ludington, Michigan, United States
  • LDO, Ladouanie Airport, Ladouanie, Suriname
  • LDY (EGAE): City of Derry Airport (Londonderry Eglinton Airport), Derry, Northern Ireland


  • LEA (YPLM): Learmonth Airport, Exmouth, Western Australia, Australia
  • LEB (KLEB): Lebanon Municipal Airport, Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States
  • LED (ULLI): Pulkovo Airport, Rzhevka Airport, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • LEE (KLEE): Leesburg Regional Airport, Leesburg, Florida, United States
  • LEH (LFOH): Octeville Airport, Le Havre, France
  • LEI (LEAM): Almería International Airport, Almería, Spain
  • LEJ (EDDP): Leipzig/Halle Airport, Leipzig, Germany
  • LEM (KLEM): Lemmon Municipal Airport, Lemmon, South Dakota, United States
  • LEW (KLEW): Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport, Auburn/Lewiston, Maine, United States
  • LEX (KLEX): Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, Kentucky, United States
  • LEY (EHLE): Lelystad Airport, Lelystad, The Netherlands


  • LFI (KLFI): Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia, United States
  • LFK (KLFK): Angelina County Airport, Lufkin, Texas, United States
  • LFT (KLFT): Lafayette Regional Airport, Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
  • LFW (DXXX): Lome Tokoin Airport, Lome, Togo


  • LGA (KLGA): LaGuardia Airport, New York City, United States
  • LGB (KLGB): Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, California, United States
  • LGG (EBLG): Liège Airport, Liège, Wallonia, Belgium
  • LGS (SAMM): Malargue International Airport, Malargue, Mendoza, Argentina
  • LGW (EGKK): London Gatwick Airport, London, United Kingdom


  • LHA (EDTL): Black Forest Lahr Airport, Lahr, Germany
  • LHB (KLHB): Hearne Municipal Airport, Hearne, Texas, United States
  • LHE (OPLA): Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan
  • LHM (KLHM): Lincoln Regional Airport (Karl Harder Field): Lincoln, California, United States
  • LHQ (KLHQ): Fairfield County Airport, Lancaster, Ohio, United States
  • LHR (EGLL): London Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • LHV (KLHV): William T. Piper Memorial Airport, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, United States
  • LHW (KLHW): Wright Army Airfield, Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Georgia, United States
  • LHX (KLHX): La Junta Municipal Airport, La Junta, Colorado, United States
  • LHZ (KLHZ): Franklin County Airport, Louisburg, North Carolina, United States


  • LIB, Limbunya, Northern Territory, Australia
  • LIC (KLIC): Limon Municipal Airport, Limon, Colorado, United States
  • LID, Leiden, Netherlands
  • LIG (LFBL): Bellegarde Airport, Limoges, France
  • LIH (PHLI): Lihue Airport, Lihue, Hawaii, United States
  • LIM (SPIM): Jorge Chavez International Airport, Callao (near Lima), Peru
  • LIN (LIML): Linate Airport, Milan, Italy
  • LIR (MRLB): Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • LIS (LPPT): Portela Airport, Lisbon, Portugal
  • LIT (KLIT): Little Rock National Airport (Adams Field): Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • LIU (KLIU): Littlefield Municipal Airport, Littlefield, Texas, United States


  • LJF (KLJF): Litchfield Municipal Airport, Litchfield, Minnesota, United States
  • LJU (LJLJ): Brnik Airport, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • LKK (PAKL): Kulik Lake Airport, Kulik Lake, Alaska, United States
  • LKL (ENNA): Lakselv Airport, Banak, Lakselv, Norway
  • LKN (ENLK): Leknes Airport, Leknes, Norway
  • LKO (VILK): Amausi Airport, Lucknow, India
  • LKP (KLKP): Lake Placid Airport, Lake Placid, New York, United States
  • LKR (KLKR): Lancaster County Airport (McWhirter Field): Lancaster, South Carolina, United States
  • LKU (KLKU): Louisa County Airport (Freeman Field): Louisa, Virginia, United States
  • LKV (KLKV): Lake County Airport, Lakeview, Oregon, United States
  • LXV (KLXV): Lake County Airport (Leadville Airport): Leadville, Colorado, United States


  • LLA (ESPA): Luleå Airport, Luleå, Sweden
  • LLW (FWKI): Lilongwe International Airport, Lilongwe, Malawi


  • LMM (MMLM): Federal del Valle del Fuerte International Airport, Los Mochis, Mexico
  • LMP (LICD): Lampedusa Airport, Lampedusa, Italy
  • LMS (KLMS): Louisville Winston County Airport, Louisville, Mississippi, United States
  • LMT (KLMT): Klamath Falls Airport, Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States


  • LNA (KLNA): Palm Beach County Park Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
  • LNC (KLNC): Lancaster Airport, Lancaster, Texas, United States
  • LND (KLND): Hunt Field, Lander, Wyoming, United States
  • LNK (KLNK): Lincoln Airport, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
  • LNL (KLNL): Kings Land O' Lakes Airport, Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin, United States
  • LNN (KLNN): Willoughby Lost Nation Municipal Airport, Willoughby, Ohio, United States
  • LNP (KLNP): Lonesome Pine Airport, Wise, Virginia, United States
  • LNR (KLNR): Tri-County Regional Airport, Lone Rock, Wisconsin, United States
  • LNS (KLNS): Lancaster Airport, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
  • LNY (PHNY): Lanai Airport, Lanai City, Hawaii, United States
  • LNZ (LOWL): Linz Airport, Linz, Austria


  • LOL (KLOL): Derby Field, Lovelock, Nevada, United States
  • LOM (KLOM): Wings Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • LON, All Airports, London, United Kingdom
  • LOS (DNMM): Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria
  • LOT (KLOT): Lewis University Airport, Chicago/Romeoville, Illinois, United States
  • LOU (KLOU): Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • LOV (MMMV): Venustiano Carranza International Airport, Monclova, Mexico
  • LOZ (KLOZ): London-Corbin Airport (Magee Field): London, Kentucky, United States


  • LPA (GCLP): Gran Canaria International Airport, Canary Islands, Spain
  • LPB (SLLP): El Alto International Airport, La Paz, Bolivia
  • LPC (KLPC): Lompoc Airport, Lompoc, California, United States
  • LPG (SADL): La Plata City International Airport, La Plata, Argentina
  • LPI (ESSL): SAAB Airport, Linköping, Sweden
  • LPL (EGGP): Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • LPP (EFLP): Lappeenranta Airport, Lappeenranta, Finland
  • LPQ (VLLB): Luang Prabang International Airport, Luang Prabang, Laos
  • LPR (KLPR): Lorain County Regional Airport, Lorain/Elyria, Ohio, United States


  • LQK (KLQK): Pickens County Airport, Pickens, South Carolina, United States
  • LQN (OAQN): Qala i Naw Airport, Qala i Naw, Afghanistan
  • LQR (KLQR): Larned-Pawnee County Airport, Larned, Kansas, United States


  • LRD (KLRD): Laredo International Airport, Laredo, Texas, United States
  • LRE (YLRE): Longreach Airport, Longreach, Queensland, Australia
  • LRF (KLRF): Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States
  • LRG (KLRG): Lincoln Regional Airport, Lincoln, Penobscot County, Maine, United States
  • LRH (LFBH): La Rochelle - Île de Ré Airport, La Rochelle, France
  • LRJ (KLRJ): Le Mars Municipal Airport, Le Mars, Iowa, United States
  • LRM (MDLR): La Romana International Airport, La Romana, Dominican Republic
  • LRT (LFRH): Lann Bihoue Airport, Lorient, France
  • LRU (KLRU): Las Cruces International Airport, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
  • LRV (SVRS): Los Roques Airport, Los Roques, Venezuela
  • LRY (KLRY): Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport, Harrisonville, Missouri, United States


  • LSB (KLSB): Lordsburg Municipal Airport, Lordsburg, New Mexico, United States
  • LSC, La Florida Airport, La Serena, Chile
  • LSE (KLSE): La Crosse Municipal Airport, La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States
  • LSF (KLSF): Lawson Army Airfield, Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, United States
  • LSI (KLSF): Sumburgh Airport, Shetland, United Kingdom
  • LSK (KLSK): Lusk Municipal Airport, Lusk, Wyoming, United States
  • LSL (MRLC): Los Chiles Airport, Los Chiles, Costa Rica
  • LSN (KLSN): Los Banos Municipal Airport, Los Banos, California, United States
  • LSR, Lost River 1 Airport, Lost River, Alaska, United States
  • LST (YMLT): Launceston Airport, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
  • LSV (KLSV): Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • LSY (YLIS): Lismore Airport, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia


  • LTM (SYLT): Lethem Airport, Lethem, Guyana
  • LTN (EGGW): London Luton Airport, Luton (near London), United Kingdom
  • LTO (MMLT): Loreto International Airport, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • LTS (KLTS): Altus Air Force Base, Altus, Oklahoma, United States


  • LUB (SYLP): Lumid Pau Airport, Lumid Pau, Guyana
  • LUD (KLUD): Decatur Municipal Airport, Decatur, Texas, United States
  • LUF (KLUF): Luke Air Force Base, Glendale, Arizona, United States
  • LUG (LSZA): Lugano Airport, Lugano, Agno, Switzerland
  • LUG (KLUG): Ellington Airport, Lewisburg, Tennessee, United States
  • LUK (KLUK): Cincinnati Municipal Airport (Lunken Field): Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • LUL (KLUL): Hesler-Noble Field, Laurel, Mississippi, United States
  • LUM (KLUM): Menomonie Municipal Airport (Score Field): Menomonie, Wisconsin, United States
  • LUN (FLLS): Lusaka International Airport, Lusaka, Zambia
  • LUP (PHLU): Kalaupapa Airport, Kalaupapa, Hawaii, United States
  • LUR (PALU): Cape Lisburne LRRS, Cape Lisburne, Alaska, United States
  • LUX (ELLX): Luxembourg-Findel International Airport, Luxembourg-Findel, Luxembourg


  • LVI (FLLI): Livingstone Airport, Livingstone, Zambia
  • LVJ (KLVJ): Pearland Regional Airport, Houston, Texas, United States
  • LVK (KLVK): Livermore Municipal Airport, Livermore, California, United States
  • LVL (KLVL): Lawrenceville/Brunswick Municipal Airport, Lawrenceville, Virginia, United States
  • LVM (KLVM): Mission Field, Livingston, Montana, United States
  • LVN (KLVN): Airlake Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • LVS (KLVS): Las Vegas Municipal Airport, Las Vegas, New Mexico, United States


  • LWA (KLWA): South Haven Area Regional Airport, South Haven, Michigan, United States
  • LWB (KLWB): Greenbrier Valley Airport, Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States
  • LWC (KLWC): Lawrence Municipal Airport, Lawrence, Kansas, United States
  • LWD (KLWD): Lamoni Municipal Airport, Lamoni, Iowa, United States
  • LWL (KLWL): Wells Municipal Airport (Harriet Field): Wells, Nevada, United States
  • LWM (KLWM): Lawrence Municipal Airport, Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
  • LWN (UDSG): Shirak Airport, Gyumri, Armenia
  • LWO (UKLL): Lviv International Airport, Lviv, Ukraine
  • LWS (KLWS): Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport, Lewiston, Idaho, United States
  • LWT (KLWT): Lewistown Municipal Airport, Lewistown, Montana, United States
  • LWV (KLWV): Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport, Lawrenceville, Illinois, United States


  • LXA (ZULS): Lhasa Airport, Lhasa, Tibet, People's Republic of China
  • LXL (KLXL): Little Falls/Morrison County Airport (Lindbergh Field): Little Falls, Minnesota, United States
  • LXN (KLXN): Jim Kelly Field, Lexington, Nebraska, United States
  • LXR (HELX): Luxor International Airport, Luxor, Egypt
  • LXT (KLXT): Lee's Summit Municipal Airport, Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States
  • LXV (KLXV): Lake County Airport, Leadville, Colorado, United States
  • LXY (KLXY): Mexia-Limestone County Airport, Mexia, Texas, United States


  • LYH (KLYH): Lynchburg Regional Airport (Preston Glenn Field): Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
  • LYO (KLYO): Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport, Lyons, Kansas, United States
  • LYP (OPFA): Faisalabad International Airport, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • LYR (ENSB): Svalbard Airport, Longyear, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
  • LYS (LFLL): Saint-Exupéry International Airport (formerly Satolas Airport): Lyon, France
  • LYV (KLYV): Quentin Aanenson Field, Luverne, Minnesota, United States


  • LZC (MMLC): Lázaro Cárdenas Airport, Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexico
  • LZU (KLZU): Gwinnett County Airport (Briscoe Field): Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
  • LZZ (KLZZ): Lampasas Airport, Lampasas, Texas, United States