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The following is a lists of IATA airport codes, IATA location identifiers or IATA station codes. The three-letter codes are selected by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) designate many airports around the world. The characters prominently displayed on baggage tags attached at airport check-in desks are an example of a way these codes are used.

The assignment of these codes is governed by IATA Resolution 767, and it is administered by IATA headquarters in Montreal. The codes are published biannually in the IATA Airline Coding Directory.


  • RAB (AYRB): Rabaul Airport, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
  • RAC (KRAC): John H. Batten Airport, Racine, Wisconsin, United States
  • RAI (GVFM): Francisco Mendes International Airport, Praia, Cape Verde
  • RAJ (VARK): Rajkot Airport, Rajkot, India
  • RAK (GMMX): Menara International Airport, Marrakech, Morocco
  • RAL (KRAL): Riverside Municipal Airport, Riverside, California, United States
  • RAO (SBRP): Leite Lopes Airport, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
  • RAP (KRAP): Rapid City Regional Airport, Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
  • RAR (NCRG): Rarotonga International Airport, Avarua, Cook Islands
  • RAS (KRAS): Mustang Beach Airport, Port Aransas, Texas, United States
  • RAW (KRAW): Warsaw Municipal Airport, Warsaw, Missouri, United States


  • RBA (GMME): Sale Airport, Rabat, Morocco
  • RBB, Borba, Brazil
  • RBC, Robinvale, Victoria, Australia
  • RBD (KRBD): Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, Texas, United States
  • RBE (KRBE): Rock County Airport, Bassett, Nebraska, United States
  • RBG (KRBG): Roseburg Regional Airport, Roseburg, Oregon, United States
  • RBL (KRBL): Red Bluff Municipal Airport, Red Bluff, California, United States
  • RBM (KRBM): Robinson AAF/NG, Camp Robinson/Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • RBO (KRBO): Nueces County Airport, Robstown, Texas, United States
  • RBW (KRBW): Lowcountry Regional Airport, Walterboro, South Carolina, United States
  • RBY (PARY): Ruby Airport, Ruby, Alaska, United States


  • RCA (KRCA): Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
  • RCK (KRCK): H. H. Coffield Regional Airport, Rockdale, Texas, United States
  • RCR (KRCR): Fulton County Airport, Rochester, Indiana, United States
  • RCS (KRCX): Rochester Airport, Kent, United Kingdom
  • RCT (KRCT): Nartron Field, Reed City, Michigan, United States
  • RCX (KRCX): Rusk County Airport, Ladysmith, Wisconsin, United States


  • RDD (KRDD): Redding Municipal Airport, Redding, California, United States
  • RDG (KRDG): Reading Regional Airport (Carl A. Spaatz Field): Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
  • RDK (KRDK): Red Oak Municipal Airport, Red Oak, Iowa, United States
  • RDM (KRDM): Roberts Field, Redmond, Oregon, United States
  • RDR (KRDR): Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
  • RDT (GOSR): Richard Toll Airport, Richard Toll, Senegal
  • RDU (KRDU): Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Morrisville, North Carolina (between Raleigh and Durham), United States
  • RDV, Red Devil Airport, Red Devil, Alaska, United States
  • RDZ (LFCR): Rodez-Marcillac Airport, Salles-La-Source, Aveyron, France


  • REC (SBRF): Guararapes International Airport, Recife, Brazil
  • RED (KRED): Red Lodge Airport, Red Lodge, Montana, United States
  • REK (BIRK): Reykjavík Airport, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • REL (SAVT): Almirante Zar Airport, Trelew, Chubut, Argentina
  • REN (UWOO): Orenburg Tsentralny Airport, Orenburg, Russia
  • REO (KREO): Rome State Airport, Rome, Oregon, United States
  • REP (VDSR): Angkor International Airport, Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • RES (SARE): Resistencia International Airport, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina
  • RET (ENRS): Røst Airport, Røst, Nordland, Norway
  • REU (LERS): Reus Airport, Reus (near Catalonia), Spain
  • REX (MMRX): General Lucio Blanco International Airport , Reynosa, Mexico


  • RFD (KRFD): Chicago Rockford International Airport (Greater Rockford Airport): Rockford, Illinois, United States
  • RFG (KRFG): Rooke Field, Refugio, Texas, United States


  • RGA (SAWE): Rio Grande Internacional Airport, Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
  • RGB (KRGB): Roseburg Regional Airport, Roseburg, Oregon, United States
  • RGK (KRGK): Red Wing Regional Airport, Red Wing, Minnesota, United States
  • RGL (SAWG): Rio Gallegos Internacional Airport, Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina
  • RGN (VYYY): Yangon International Airport, Yangon, Myanmar


  • RHI (KRHI): Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, United States
  • RHO (LGRP): Rhodes International Airport, "Diagoras", Rhodes, Greece
  • RHP (KRHP): Andrews-Murphy Airport, Andrews, North Carolina, United States
  • RHV (KRHV): Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County, San Jose, California, United States


  • RIA (KRIA): Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • RIC (KRIC): Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • RIB, Riberalta, Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia
  • RID (KRID): Richmond Municipal Airport, Richmond, Indiana, United States
  • RIF (KRIF): Richfield Municipal Airport, Richfield, Utah, United States
  • RIK (MRCR): Carrillo Airport, Carrillo, Costa Rica
  • RIL (KRIL): Garfield County Regional Airport, Rifle, Colorado, United States
  • RIO, All airports, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • RIR (KRIR): Flabob Airport, Riverside/Rubidoux, California, United States
  • RIU (KRIU): Rancho Murieta Airport, Rancho Murieta, California, United States
  • RIV (KRIV): March ARB, Riverside, California, United States
  • RIW (KRIW): Riverton Regional Airport, Riverton, Wyoming, United States
  • RIX (EVRA): Riga International Airport, Riga, Latvia


  • RJD (KRJD): Ridgely Airpark, Ridgely, Maryland, United States
  • RJK (LDRI): Riviera Kvarner Airport, Rijeka, Croatia


  • RKD (KRKD): Knox County Regional Airport, Rockland, Maine, United States
  • RKE (EKRK): Roskilde Airport, Roskilde (near Copenhagen), Denmark
  • RKP (KRKP): Aransas County Airport, Rockport, Texas, United States
  • RKR (KRKR): Robert S. Kerr Airport, Poteau, Oklahoma, United States
  • RKS (KRKS): Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport, Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States
  • RKT (OMRK): Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
  • RKV (BIRK): Reykjavík Airport, Reykjavík, Iceland
  • RKW (KRKW): Rockwood Municipal Airport, Rockwood, Tennessee, United States


  • RLA, Rolla Downtown Airport, Rolla, Missouri, United States
  • RLD (KRLD): Richland Airport, Richland, Washington, United States
  • RLG (ETNL): Rostock Laage Airport, Rostock, Germany
  • RLT, Arlit Airport, Arlit, Niger


  • RMD, Ramagundam Airport, Ramagundam, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • RME (KRME): Griffiss Airpark, Rome, New York, United States
  • RMF (): Marsa Alam, Marsa Alam, Egypt
  • RMG (KRMG): Richard B. Russell Airport, Rome, Georgia, United States
  • RMI (LIPR): Federico Fellini International Airport, Rimini, Italy
  • RML (VCCC): Ratmalana Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
  • RMN (KRMN): Stafford Regional Airport, Stafford, Virginia, United States
  • RMP, Rampart Airport, Rampart, Alaska, United States,
  • RMQ (RCMQ): Taichung Ching Chuan Kang Airport, Taichung, Taiwan, Taiwan,
  • RMS (ETAR): Ramstein Air Base, Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany
  • RMY (KRMY): Brooks Field, Marshall, Michigan, United States


  • RNC (KRNC): Warren County Memorial Airport, McMinnville, Tennessee, United States
  • RND (KRND): Randolph AFB, Universal City, Texas, United States
  • RNH (KRNH): New Richmond Regional Airport, New Richmond, Wisconsin, United States
  • RNI (MNCI): Corn Island Airport, Corn Island, Nicaragua
  • RNM (KRNM): Ramona Airport, Ramona, California, United States
  • RNN (EKRN): Bornholm Airport, Rønne, Denmark
  • RNO (KRNO): Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Reno, Nevada, United States
  • RNP (KRNP): Owosso Community Airport, Owosso, Michigan, United States
  • RNS (LFRN): St. Jacques Airport, Rennes, France
  • RNT (KRNT): Renton Municipal Airport, Renton, Washington, United States
  • RNV (KRNV): Cleveland Municipal Airport, Cleveland, Mississippi, United States


  • ROA (KROA): Roanoke Regional Airport (Woodrum Field): Roanoke, Virginia, United States
  • ROC (KROC): Greater Rochester International Airport, Rochester, New York, United States
  • ROG (KROG): Rogers Municipal Airport (Carter Field): Rogers, Arkansas, United States
  • ROK (KBRK): Rockhampton Airport, Queensland, Australia
  • ROM, All Airports, Rome, Italy
  • ROP (PGRO): Rota International Airport, Rota Island, Northern Mariana Islands
  • ROR (PTRO): Babelthuap Airport, Koror, Palau
  • ROS (SAAR): Rosario International Airport, Rosario, Argentina
  • ROS (KROS): Rush City Regional Airport, Rush City, Minnesota, United States
  • ROT (NZRO): Rotorua Airport, Rotorua, New Zealand
  • ROU (LBRS): Rousse Airport, Rousse, Bulgaria
  • ROV (URRR): Rostov-on-Don Airport, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  • ROW (KROW): Roswell International Air Center, Roswell, New Mexico, United States
  • ROX (KROX): Roseau Municipal Airport (Rudy Billberg Field): Roseau, Minnesota, United States


  • RPB (KRPB): Belleville Municipal Airport, Belleville, Kansas, United States
  • RPD (KRPD): Rice Lake Regional Airport (Carl's Field): Rice Lake, Wisconsin, United States
  • RPH (KRPH): Graham Municipal Airport, Graham, Texas, United States
  • RPJ (KRPJ): Rochelle Municipal Airport (Koritz Field): Rochelle, Illinois, United States
  • RPN (LLIB): Ben Ya'aqov Airport (Rosh Pina Airport), Rosh Pina, Israel
  • RPR (VARP): Raipur Airport, Raipur, India
  • RPX (KRPX): Roundup Airport, Roundup, Montana, United States


  • RQB (KRQB): Roben-Hood Airport, Big Rapids, Michigan, United States
  • RQE (KRQE): Window Rock Airport, Window Rock, Arizona, United States
  • RQO (KRQO): El Reno Regional Airport, El Reno, Oklahoma, United States


  • RRG (FIMR): Plaine Corail Airport, Rodrigues Island, Mauritius,[1]
  • RRL (KRRL): Merrill Municipal Airport, Merrill, Wisconsin, United States
  • RRQ (KRRQ): Rock Rapids Municipal Airport, Rock Rapids, Iowa, United States
  • RRS (ENRO): Røros Airport, Røros, Norway
  • RRT (KRRT): Warroad International Airport (Swede Carlson Field): Warroad, Minnesota, United States


  • RSH (PARS): Russian Mission Airport, Russian Mission, Alaska, United States
  • RSL (KRSL): Russell Municipal Airport, Russell, Kansas, United States
  • RSN (KRSN): Ruston Regional Airport, Ruston, Louisiana, United States
  • RST (KRST): Rochester International Airport, Rochester, Minnesota, United States
  • RSV (KRSV): Robinson Municipal Airport, Robinson, Illinois, United States
  • RSW (KRSW): Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers, Florida, United States


  • RTB (MHRO): Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport, Roatán, Honduras
  • RTM (EHRD): Rotterdam Airport, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • RTN (KRTN): Raton Municipal Airport (Crews Field): Raton, New Mexico, United States
  • RTO (????): Morrow field California United States
  • RTW (UWSS): Saratov Tsentralny Airport, Saratov, Russia


  • RUA (HUAR): Arua Airport, Arua, Uganda,[2],[3]
  • RUE (KRUE): Russellville Regional Airport, Russellville, Arkansas, United States
  • RUG (KRUG): Rugby Municipal Airport, Rugby, North Dakota, United States
  • RUH (OERK): King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • RUQ (KRUQ): Rowan County Airport, Salisbury, North Carolina, United States
  • RUN (FMEE): Roland Garros Airport, St Denis, Réunion, France
  • RUP (VERU): Rupsi Airport, Rupsi, Meghalaya, India
  • RUT (KRUT): Rutland State Airport, Rutland, Vermont, United States


  • RVJ (KRVJ): Reidsville Municipal Airport (Swinton Smith Field): Reidsville, Georgia, United States
  • RVK (ENRM): Rørvik Airport, Ryum, Rørvik, Norway
  • RVL (KRVL): Mifflin County Airport, Reedsville, Pennsylvania, United States
  • RVN (EFRN): Rovaniemi Airport, Rovaniemi, Finland
  • RVN (KRVN): Hawkins County Airport, Rogersville, Tennessee, United States
  • RVS (KRVS): Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States


  • RWF (KRWF): Redwood Falls Municipal Airport, Redwood Falls, Minnesota, United States
  • RWI (KRWI): Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, United States
  • RWL (KRWL): Rawlins Municipal Airport (Harvey Field): Rawlins, Wyoming, United States
  • RWN (KRWN): Arens Field, Winamac, Indiana, United States
  • RWV (KRWV): Caldwell Municipal Airport, Caldwell, Texas, United States


  • RXE (KRXE): Rexburg-Madison County Airport, Rexburg, Idaho, United States


  • RYG (ENRY): Rygge Airport, Oslo Rygge, Norway
  • RYM (KRYM): Ray S. Miller AAF/NG, Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States
  • RYN (KRYN): Ryan Field, Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • RYV (KRYV): Watertown Municipal Airport, Watertown, Wisconsin, United States
  • RYY (KRYY): Cobb County Airport (McCollum Field): Atlanta, Georgia, United States


  • RZE (EPRZ): Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, Rzeszow, Poland
  • RZL (KRZL): Jasper County Airport, Rensselaer, Indiana, United States
  • RZN (KRZN): Burnett County Airport, Siren, Wisconsin, United States
  • RZT (KRZT): Ross County Airport, Chillicothe, Ohio, United States
  • RZZ (KRZZ): Halifax County Airport, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, United States