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Toki Pona is a constructed language, designed by translator and linguist Sonja Elen Kisa and first published online in mid-2001.

Selected words[edit]

  • ale (everything, anything, life, universe, complete, or whole)
  • esun (shop, market)
  • ilo (tool, machine)
  • jan (person)
  • kala (fish)
  • luka (hand, arm or five)
  • meli (female, feminine, or woman)
  • moku (food, meal, or to eat)
  • nanpa (number)
  • noka (foot, leg)
  • nimi (name, or word)
  • oko (eye)
  • pona (good, to improve)
  • soweli (animal)
  • toki (hello, language, speaking, communication, verbal or to speak)
  • uta (mouth)
  • waso (bird)
  • toki

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