Arnold Schwarzenegger

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After the actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Arnold Schwarzenegger (plural Arnold Schwarzeneggers)

  1. A muscleman.
    • 1989, Orville Schell, Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes of Reform, Doubleday, page 106:
      [] with the sight of young Chinese flexing their musculatures like so many apprentice Arnold Schwarzeneggers.
    • 1996 August 15, ABC_GMA:
      Now, what- explain what's different, though, between what you do, the fact that you do your own, obviously, and, say, what an Arnold Schwarzenegger does.
    • Susan Bordo, “Material Girl”: The Effacements of Postmodern Culture in 2001, Jessica R. Johnston, The American Body in Context: An Anthology, Scholarly Resources, page 123:
      The precision technology of body-sculpting, once the secret of the Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Rachel McLishes of the professional bodybuilding word, has now become available to anyone who can afford the price of membership in a gym.
    • 2009, Sheila Roberts, Love in bloom:
      He was tall, with an Arnold Schwarzenegger chest, and fit with the flower shop as well as the proverbial bull in the china closet.

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