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Learned borrowing from Old Norse Ásgarðr

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Norse mythology and Heathenry) The realm of the Æsir gods.
    • 1993 Our Troth, by the Ring of Troth and other true folk, The Ring of Troth, ISBN 0-9623957-8-1 page 143.
      He is the champion of Asgard and Midgard against the chaos and destruction of the thurses.
    • 2002 The Dragon Chronicle issue 24 (Folklore Journal), Heimdall, Dragon.
      Heimdall is the watchmen of the gods at Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, made from fire water and air, that links Asgard (the home of the gods) and Midgard (the home of men).
    • 2006 (first published 2004) Everything you need to know about Paganism, Selene Silverwind, David & Charles, ISBN 978-0-7153-2486-8, page 91.
      The Æsir live in Asgard, one of the sky realms.