Bakewell tart

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A cherry Bakewell tart.


After Bakewell, a small market town in Derbyshire, England.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbeɪk.weɫˌtɑː(ɹ)t/


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Bakewell tart (plural Bakewell tarts)

  1. A tart consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with jam and covered with a sponge-like filling enriched with frangipane.
    • "One of the most famous of tarts is the Bakewell tart, made from a flan of sweet paste, with jam spread over the inside base and frangipane piped or spread over, or done as a lattice."[1]
    • "Still served in local tearooms is the famous Bakewell Tart, which was supposedly created by accident"[2]
    • "They ordered soda scones and sandwiches, Victoria sponge cake and cling peaches, choux pastries and flapjacks, Bakewell tart and trifle with extra cream."[3]

Derived terms[edit]