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Derived from Bates, the surname of the inventor of the first serial number-stamping machine.


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Bates number (plural Bates numbers)

  1. (law) A number affixed to a document indicating its number in a series of documents, usually with respect to evidentiary documents being provided to the other party in a legal proceeding. Initially should be referenced as (Bates stamp p.1); subsequent references within the same document should follow as (p.2), (p.3), etc or (Bates stamp p.4).


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Bates number (third-person singular simple present Bates numbers, present participle Bates numbering, simple past and past participle Bates numbered)

  1. To stamp or label documents with Bates numbers.
    2006, Robert J. MacPherson, Buckner Hinkle, W. Alexander Moseley, Discovery deskbook for construction disputes, p. 73:
    • When Bates numbering documents for production, remove any documents among them that are not relevant or not covered by the request before Bates numbering []