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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Anglicized transliteration of בראשית (b'reishít), the Hebrew word for the Genesis (literally, "In the beginning").
    • 2001, Max Kadushin The Rabbinic Mind, p. 35:
      We refer to the word Bereshit, the first word in Scripture.
    • 1992, Ellen Singer, Bernard M. Zlotowitz, Our Sacred Texts: Discovering the Jewish Classics, p. 17:
      In Bereshit, God initiates the relationship with the Jewish nation.
    • 1972, Encyclopaedia Judaica, p. 1197:
      Most of the sections, after the portion Bereshit expound biblical narratives, notably the deeds of the patriarchs, as allegories of the fate of the soul.