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black +‎ acre

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (law) A placeholder name of a fictitious or hypothetical estate in land commonly used to discuss the rights of various parties to a piece of real property.
    • 1790, Francis Buller, An Introduction to the Law Relative to Trials at Nisi Prius, page 74:
      If A. have Black Acre and C. have White Acre, and A. has a way over White Acre to Black Acre, and then purchases White Acre, the way will be extinct; and if A. afterwards enfeoff C. of White Acre without excepting the road, it is gone.
    • 2008, Gwendolyn Griffith Lieuallen, Basic Federal Income Tax, page 209:
      Example: Alvin holds Blackacre for investment and wishes to exchange it for like kind property to be held for investment. Becky wants Blackacre, but has only cash.
    • 2010, Louis A. Mezzullo, An Estate Planner's Guide to Family Business Entities, page 123:
      For example, a gift of Blackacre today, when Blackacre is worth $100,000, will freeze the value of Blackacre at $100,000 forever when determining the value of the transferor's transfer tax base, assuming Blackacre will not be brought back into the transferor's estate under I.R.C. § 2036, 2037, or 2038 because the grantor has retained some right or power over Blackacre.

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