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Blend of bovine +‎ Vril.


Proper noun[edit]

Bovril (uncountable)

  1. (trademark) A brand of beef extract made in the UK.
    • 1897, Edward Spencer, Cakes & Ale[1]:
      A valuable if seldom-employed restorative is made with Bovril as one of the ingredients.
    • 1930 August, Shaugh Courtenay, “Red Hair and Yellow Curtains”, in The Cornhill Magazine, page 233:
      The conversation had turned to pictures, and some of those on the walls were being admired by the guests, most of whom showed by their remarks that they saw little difference between a water colour and an advertisement for Bovril.
    • 2005, Harold Strachan, Make a Skyf, Man!:
      We mix up at the stainless steel kitchen sink under the shelves with all the jars of jam and bottles of Bovril and butter and stuff this infinitesimal minute wee tiny quantity of ammonium nitrate with about a snuff pinch of aluminium powder []

Derived terms[edit]