Brer Rabbit

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Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

Brer Rabbit

  1. The hero of the Uncle Remus stories.
    • 2000, Bill Mann, "Microsoft Ain't AT&T", The Motley Fool, May 9, 2000
      who believe that Microsoft actually wants to be broken up (the Brer Rabbit solution),
  2. Any specific rabbit; used to personify a rabbit in a story
    • 2005, Alan Hamilton, "How Chester the labrador was caught on hop by a wily bunny", The Times, September 27, 2005
      BRER RABBIT came pacing down the road, lippity-clippity, clippity-lippity, just as sassy as a jaybird. And then he saw Chester the dog, who might just as well have been Brer Fox.
  3. Any trickster, or unusually quick and clever, figure.
    • 1892, Henry Lucy, A Diary of the Salisbury Parliament, 1886-1892[1], page 34:
      Mr. Smith, the Brer Rabbit of House of Commons Leaders, "lay low and said nuffin."
    • 1914, William Edgar Sackett, Modern Battles of Politics[2], volume 2, page 308:
      He was the "Br'er Rabbit" of politics — he lay low so that the hunters of the other side could not see him to point their guns at him.
    • 2006, Mike Gaddis, Zip Zap[3], →ISBN, page 180:
      It was the combination of a super-smooth shooting dog of radiant style and talent, and a Br'er Rabbit handler that stayed one bounce ahead of the fox.


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