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Bt (usually uncountable, plural Bts)

  1. Abbreviation of baronet, a title used after a holder's surname.
    Sir John Spencer-Smith, Bt
    Synonym: Bart
  2. (bacteriology, agriculture) Bacillus thuringiensis, a species of bacteria used for biological control of insects.
    Synonyms: B. thuringiensis, Bacillus thuringiensis
    1. Ellipsis of Bt toxin.
  3. (bacteriology) Initialism of botulinum toxin.
  4. (mineralogy) Abbreviation of biotite.
    • 2017, J. Theo Kloprogge, Robert Lavinsky, “Introduction: Geological Examples”, in Photo Atlas of Mineral Pseudomorphism, Amsterdam: Elsevier, →ISBN, page 88:
      (A) Plane-polarized light and (B) back-scattered electron (BSE) images. The pseudomorph (Crd) is made up of Grt + Qtz + Ky rodlets + micas flakes (mainly biotite, Bt).

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (baronet): Bt.
  • (Bacillus thuringiensis): B.t.
  • (Bt toxin): BT
  • (botulinum toxin): BT


  • (Bacillus thuringiensis): Bti

Derived terms[edit]

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