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Alternative forms[edit]


Variant of bumfuck ‎(isolated, backwards location; literally, anal intercourse), replacing vulgar (in this context) bum ‎(buttocks) with gentler, more humorous bumble ‎(move clumsily).


Bumblefuck ‎(plural Bumblefucks)

  1. (vulgar) An isolated or backward location; the middle of nowhere.
    • 2002, Derek Hart, Tales of the Yellow Silk, p. 153:
      Rives jumped to his feet, the veins bulging from his temples. "I can have you on a C-130 to Bumblefuck by this afternoon, Sergeant. You're not messing with the sheriff's daughter here. The Crown Prince of Thailand already hates the US..."
    • 2005, Loren Stone, Bait, search
      "What the fuck were you doing with your crazy fucking family out in the middle of west bumblefuck Pennsylvania?"


Related terms[edit]