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 Cēsis on Latvian Wikipedia
Cēsis (Latvijā)


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Proper noun[edit]

Cēsis f ‎(6th declension)

  1. Cēsis (a city and district in the north of Latvia, in the Vidzeme region)
    Cēsis ir pilsēta Latvijā‎ ― Cēsis is a city in Latvia
    Cēsu novads‎ ― the district of Cēsis
    Cēsīs dzīvo apmēram 17 000 cilvēku‎ ― about 17 000 people live in Cēsis
    Cēsīm ir zīmogs ar Svētās Katrīnas attēlu‎ ― Cēsis has a seal with the image of St. Catherine


Usage notes[edit]

Despite being the name of a single city, Cēsis is always used in the plural.

Derived terms[edit]