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Proper noun[edit]

Captain Planet

  1. Anyone who wishes to save the environment with an ambitious plan.
    • 1993: Marjorie B. Garber, Jann Matlock, and Rebecca L. Walkowitz, Media Spectacles, p64 (Routledge; ISBN 0415907519 (10), ISBN 978-0415907514 (13))
      Ross does an ingenious riff on the picture of the United States “generating a ton of toxic waste every minute in peacetime”, now suddenly becoming “Captain Planet” responsible for the ecological well-being of all the earth’s inhabitants.
    • 2004, William Hodding Carter, Stolen Water: Saving the Everglades from Its Friends, Foes, and Florida, page 59:
      On July 1, 1999, Vice President Al Gore, Captain Planet, presented the US Army Corps of Engineers plan to restore the Everglades to Congress, boldly going where no vice president had gone before […].
    • 2007, "Darren Zenko's not that big on Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol's tiny robots", Edmonton Journal, Oct 26, 2007
      […] offers a half-baked pseudo-environmental storyline, complete with a pollution-loving villain, that plays out like Mario Sunshine meets Captain Planet.
    • 2007, "What Does It Mean To Be Green?", Columbus Alive (OH), Oct 18, 2007
      There's no checklist developers follow to build green, but there are plenty of things to keep in mind, as explained below. When these powers combine, you've got a building Captain Planet would be proud of.