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  1. 𐬀𐬉𐬙𐬍
  2. π¬₯𐬀𐬉π¬₯π¬Œπ¬²π¬€π¬Œπ¬™π¬Œ
  3. π¬›π¬Žπ¬Žπ¬€π¬­
  4. π¬—π¬€π¬šπ¬‘π¬π¬­π¬‹
  5. π¬Žπ¬›π¬­π¬€
  6. π¬­π¬€π¬šπ¬€
  7. π¬¨π¬€π¬Œπ¬₯π¬Œπ¬Œπ¬ˆπ¬™π¬ˆ
  8. 𐬐𐬀𐬭
  9. 𐬨𐬀π¬₯
  10. π¬¬π¬Œπ¬›
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  1. 𐬬𐬍𐬭𐬀
  2. 𐬡𐬍𐬰𐬏𐬁
  3. 𐬗𐬀𐬑𐬭𐬀
  4. π¬΅π¬Žπ¬Žπ¬€π¬­π¬†
  5. 𐬨𐬁𐬙𐬀𐬭
  6. 𐬰𐬀𐬯𐬙𐬀
  7. 𐬁𐬙𐬀𐬭
  8. π¬₯𐬁𐬨𐬀π¬₯
  9. 𐬚𐬭𐬌
  10. 𐬀𐬯𐬙

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Terms in Avestan that originate from the Proto-Indo-European language.


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