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  1. wunch
  2. the thick plottens
  3. nucking futs
  4. no wucking furries
  5. Mallwart
  6. futhermucker
  7. fustercluck
  8. flutterby
  9. crook and nanny
  10. chuck you Farley
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  1. no wucking furries
  2. flutterby
  3. bass-ackwards
  4. chuck you Farley
  5. crook and nanny
  6. Mallwart
  7. the thick plottens
  8. nucking futs
  9. wunch
  10. fustercluck

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English terms in which the initial sounds of component parts have been exchanged, as in "crook and nanny" for "nook and cranny".

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