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Spoonerism for clusterfuck.


fustercluck (plural fusterclucks)

  1. (euphemistic) A clusterfuck.
    • 2009, Jennifer Banash, In Too Deep[1], page 225:
      God, what an unbelievable fustercluck, she thought, shaking her head from side to side on her pile of pillows as she remembered Sophie's tear-streaked face as she ran down the block and out of sight.
    • 2010, Ralph Keyes, Euphemania, link
      Writers for Gossip Girl have come up with fustercluck, motherchucker, and basshole.
    • 2011, Andrew Van Wey, Forsaken, link
      “A fustercluck indeed,” he agreed, and she shrugged as a wet line ran down her spine.