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Blend of Chuck +‎ Blair.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (fandom slang) The ship of characters Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf of the Gossip Girl series.
    • 2011, Brionna Jimerson, "'Gossip Girl' conceives unrealistic plotlines, child", The Tufts Daily (Tufts University), 6 October 2011, page 11:
      His skill renders Becker's portrayal of Prince Grimaldi, a lover and future husband, futile in the wake of Chair (Chuck and Blair).
    • 2012, Haley Boston, "TV Review: 'Nashville'", The Daily Northwestern (Northwestern University), 18 October 2012, page 4:
      We can already tell which idyllic couples obsessive fans will fantasize about like Chair (Chuck and Blaire of "Gossip Girl") and Jim and Pam of "The Office."
    • 2014, Lori Bindig, Gossip Girl: A Critical Understanding, page 143:
      Although Josh Schwartz suggests that “Chair” or “Dair” fans are embroiled in a “battle” on Twitter, the users of the Gossip Girl FanForum do not appear to engage with each other directly.
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