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From Nepali छेत्री (chetrī), variant of Nepali क्षेत्री (kṣetrī), from Sanskrit क्षत्रिय (kṣatriya, protector of gentle people), from Sanskrit क्षत्र (kṣatra, rule, dominion, authority). Cognate with Old Persian 𐎧𐏁𐎠𐎹𐎰𐎡𐎹 (x-š-a-y-θ-i-y /xšāyaθiya/, emperor), from which is derived Persian شاه(šâh).

Proper noun[edit]

Chhetri (plural Chhetris)

  1. Derivative of kshatriya
  2. An endogamous caste of Khas people belonging to kshatriya class
  3. Any descendants of Vedic Kshatriyas living in the Pahari zone.
  4. Any Hindu thread wearing (Tagadhari) clan of Kshatriya class
  5. A surname.


  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Chhetri is the 30916th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 752 individuals. Chhetri is most common among Asian/Pacific Islander (94.41%) individuals.