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English citations of Asian fetish

Noun quotations

1. (fetish for Asians)::

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  • 1997, plip. (December 17, 1997). Looking for a female penfriend in Thailand or Cambodia [Discussion], [Online]. Available e-mail: USENET Newsgroup: soc.culture.thai.[1]
    yeah, right.. unfortunately, we ALREADY know your type all too well, you seedy, pimpin', honkie-zit-faced, devil-worshipping, clueless, Asian-fetish loser.
  • 1998, Gin Yong Pang, Intraethnic, Interracial, and Interethnic Marriages among Korean American Women. In Young I Song and Ailee Moon, editors. Korean American women: from tradition to modern feminism. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers. →ISBN. p. 134.:
    These men were so common and identifiable that the women had special names for them; they were called "Rice Kings" or "Asianphiles," or men with an "Asian fetish" or "Asian fixation." Their motives and interests were highly suspect; the women perceived these men as demonstrating what Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan (1972) once regarded as classic examples of "racist love."
  • 1998, Eric C. Wat, In No One's Shadows: a history of organizing among gay Asian men in Los Angeles in the Pre-AIDS Years. Masters Thesis, California State University, Fullerton. p. 188.:
    A/PLG had this reputation of being like a pick-up place for white men who had an Asian fetish.
  • 1999, FrankSimms. (December 31, 1999). Devon: Hot or Not? Options [Discussion], [Online]. Available e-mail: USENET Newsgroup: rec.arts.movies.erotica.[2]
    Now I think that Wicked has about the highest quality stable of girls - Vivid's has gone all to hell (Asian fetish alert - with the possible exception of Kobe Tai.)
  • 2000, Melissa de la Cruz. (March 12-18, 1997) "Gook Fetish." New York Press. 10 (11): 33. Quoted in Phoebe Eng. Warrior Lessons: An Asian American Woman's Journey into Power. Pocket Books. →ISBN. pp. 127-128.:
    As for the term Asian fetish itself: I find something deliciously wicked and liberating about it. It reeks of peril and psychosexual obsession, conjuring a milieu of graceful, elegant Suzy Wongs in cheongsam dresses (body-hugging, with mandarin collars and thigh-high slits), handguns tucked in garter belts; of sly, exotic counterparts to the Pamela Andersons and Cindy Crawfords of popular fascination.
  • 2003, Sonia Shah, Race and Representation: Asian Americans. In M. Evelina Galang, editor. Screaming Monkeys: Critiques of Asian American Images. Minneapolis, MN: Coffee House Press. →ISBN. p. 283.:
    The internet is a kind of crude indication of the prevalence of the Asian fetish. Relevant sites include Jgirls Inc.: Soopa Fresh Asian Hotties [...]
  • 2004, Jean Giovanetti, One Asian Eye: Growing Up Eurasian in America. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, Inc. →ISBN. p. 88.:
    It made me wonder if he was going out with me because he was one of those weird white guys who had an Asian fetish.
  • 2005, Debbie Liao. Quoted in Sheridan Prasso, The Asian Mystique: Dragon Ladies, Geisha Girls, & Our Fantasies of the Exotic Orient. NY: PublicAffairs. →ISBN. p. 139.:
    I had a Caucasian boyfriend for five years. When we first started dating, I was very concerned that he had an Asian fetish. I didn't want someone who was interested in me or attracted to me because I was Asian.
  • 2009, Chen, E. W. C. Asian americans in sororities and fraternities: In search of a home and place. In C. L. Torbenson & G. S. Parks, editors. Brothers and sisters: Diversity in college fraternities and sororities. Cranbury, NJ: Associated University Presses. →ISBN p. 103 n. 47.:
    Asian American women may have an easier time being accepted into the mainstream [ ... "often times" ...] based upon a relationship that sees Asian American women as ultrafeminine and inferior to white heterosexual males. Evidence includes the overrepresentation of Asian American women in mainstream porn, their depiction in mainstream media as sex objects for white men, and the prevalence of the "Asian fetish." The greater acceptance of Asian American women is not because race does not matter for Asian American women, rather it reveals the necessity of looking at the intersectionality of race and gender when examining the experiences of Asian American women and men. In other words, the pairing of Asian American women and white men does not disrupt the normative heterosexual, white dominant, patriarchal hierachical order.
  • 2009, Kumiko Nemoto, Racing romance: love, power, and desire among Asian American/white couples. Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University Press. →ISBN. p. 98.:
    Lisa decided to choose an Asian American man because of her aversion to many white men's Asian fetish. She strongly criticized mainstream culture's sexualization of Asian women.
  • 2009 Lidia Anchisi, One, No One, and a Hundred Thousand: On Being a Korean Woman Adopted by European Parents. In Michele Tracy Berger and Kathleen Guidroz, editors. The Intersectional Approach: Transforming the Academy Through Race, Class, & Gender. University of North Carolina Press. →ISBN. p. 295.:
    I was resentful if men didn't want to date me because I wasn't white or if men did want to date me because they were "afflicted" with the "yellow fever" or had developed an "Asian fetish." I was resentful that there even were expressions such as "yellow fever" and "Asian fetish" to describe men who were only interested in dating Asian women.

2. (Asians' preoccupation with something)::

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1987, Steven M. Whittie. (June 1987). "Savate: The Fighting Art of France: Its Origin Remains a Mystery." Black Belt 25 (6): 63.:
    First and foremost is the Asian fetish for secrecy.
  • 1990, Robert W. Smith. Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books. →ISBN. p. 3.:
    The Asian fetish for wood, brick, tile, and ice breaking is suspect.
  • 2002, Andrew Lange. Getting at the Root: Treating the Deepest Source of Disease. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books. →ISBN. p. 101.:
    The use of specific organs and glands is reminiscent of the Native American practice of eating the heart of the bear for courage, or Asian fetishes with rhinoceros horns and penises.

3. (preoccupation with Asian design, objects, etc.)::

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 2001, Kristen Couse. Hanging Out in Europe. NY: Wiley Publishing, Inc. →ISBN. p. 325.:
    An Old World hotel with an Asian fetish
  • 2003, Let's Go: Boston. NY: St. Martin's Press. →ISBN. p. 159.:
    This smoky, spacious, Asian fetish-themed venue [...].
  • 2008, Charles Rawlings-Way. New Zealand. Lonely Planet. →ISBN. p. 178.:
    Built in the 1930s by an oddball Scotsman with an Asian fetish, [Pagoda Lodge] features pagoda-shaped roofs grafted onto weatherboard cottages.