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English citations of ballocks

  1. (plurale tantum, vulgar) The testicles of a man or beast; also a vulgar nickname for a parson.
    • 1964, James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, page 336:
      Temple turned right and left, making sudden feeble gestures as he spoke.
      —I’m a ballocks, he said, shaking his head in despair. I am and I know I am. And I admit it that I am.
      Dixon patted him lightly on the shoulder and said mildly:
      —And it does you every credit, Temple.
      —But he, Temple said, pointing to Cranly, he is a ballocks, too, like me. Only he doesn’t know it. And that’s the only difference I see.
      A burst of laughter covered his words. But he turned again to Stephen and said with a sudden eagerness:
      —That word is a most interesting word. That’s the only English dual number. Did you know?
      —Is it? Stephen said vaguely.