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English citations of caughten

  1. (meaning unclear, obsolete) Took (simple past tense form of take) or caught (simple past tense and past participle form of catch).
    • circa 1370: [Unknown Middle English author, who lived in the East Midlands, and perhaps bore the surname “Age”], The Parliament of the Three Ages: Alexander, lines 31–33
      There knyghtis full kenely caughten theire leve
      To fare into Fozayne Dame Fozonase to see
      And Idores and Edease alle bydene.
      GLOSSARY: “keenly” is synonymous with “eagerly”; “Fozayne” is an archaic name for “Epheson”; “Fozonase” is a variant spelling of “Fesonas” (“Idores” and “Edease” (Edias) are her nieces); and, “alle bydene” is an archaic phrase meaning “together”.
    • 1386–1390: John Gower, Confessio Amantis
      This hoſte in the valey it herde
      And ſigh, how that the hill alight,
      So what of hering and of ſight
      They caughten ſuch a ſodein fere,
      That none of hem be lefte there.
    • 1589 (date of the Latin original): [Author Unknown], English translation of the Latin Editio Sixtina (a revision of the Vulgate ordered by Pope Sixtus V), Acts 24:18–19; treated in:
    • 1843: Thomas James, A Treatise of the Corruptions of Scripture, Councils, and Fathers, by the Prelates, Pastors, and Pillars of the Church of Rome, for The Maintenence of Popery, p178; revised and corrected (by the Rev. John Edmund Cox, M.A.) from the editions of 1612 and 1688 of:
    • 1611: Thomas James, A treatise of the corrvption of Scripture[, Councils, and Fathers, by the Prelates, Pastors, and Pillars of the Church of Rome, for The Maintenence of Popery.] Together with a sufficient answere vnto James Gretser and Antonie Posseuine, Iesuites, and the vnknowne author of the Grounds of the old religion & the new, p[UNKNOWN]
      And they caughten me, and they crieden and saiden, take away our enemy.
      mLucas Brugensis would persuade us, that Sixtus V., and Clemens VIII. did consent to remove these words out of the text, as superfluous and unnecessary; (and indeed, they are neither found in the Greek, nor in the Syriac, nor in all the manuscripts); but the contrary appears, namely, that Sixtus and Clemens did differ in opinion: for Sixtus hath put them into the text, and Clement the pope hath thence removed them.
  2. (nonstandard) Past participle of catch.
    • 1994: “cirop20” (poster) & “SERVO@maple.ufl,edu” (original compiler), alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror (Google group): One of Four: the un-official script of “Shock Treatment”, the 21st day of March at 10:18am
      JM) “Yes, I’ve caughten it once or twice.”
      GLOSSARY: “JM” are the initials of Janet Majors.
    • 1994: “Daniel Wynne”, alt.starfleet.rpg (Google group): USS BISMARK, BODY INDENTIFIED Newsgroups: alt.starfleet.rpg, the 13th day of September at 8:16am
      “Yes sir.” Dr. Truehart paused. “The body was pretty badly damaged, there were no identifying marks on him at all. We were pretty much working in the dark.” The doctor stopped, and after a second realized that if Zabu had caughten his unintentional pun, he chose to ignore it.
    • 1994: “Charles L Thayer”, alt.starfleet.rpg (Google group): USS BISMARK, SICKBAY then TEN FORWARD, the 28th day of October at 1:19am
      Dr. Truehart looked around sickbay, he was completely and utterly shocked. It wasn’t something that had caughten his eye, it was more like something that DIDN’T catch his eye.
    • 1995: “Enkidu”, rec.nude (Google group): Mazo Beach Update for Aug. 25–27/95, the 28th day of August at 8 o’clock a.m.
      At @1:30am they found the one person who had got caughten up in some logs on shore (although he had much water in him, he was conscious when brought in and expected to live).
    • 1995: “DaZ SD”, netcom.general (Google group): IMPORTANT SURVEY! MUST READ!, the 16th day of November at 9 o’clock a.m., survey question № 5
      Has your computer ever caughten a virus, why, and which one?
    • 1996: “[at]”, alt.discrimination (Google group): blood sucking BRAIN SMITH, and other idiots, the 14th day of November at 9 o’clock a.m. (The quotation immediately hereinafter{1} is written in a Germanic English eye dialect, presumably to affect the stereotypical rhetorical style of a German anti-Semite (almost certainly a Nazi), seemingly with the intention of mocking the supposed genuinely anti-Semitic comments of another contributor (“Pete Marshall”) by sarcastically agreeing with him; therefore, a “translation”{2} is given immediately thereafter, followed by the comments of “Pete Marshall”.{3})
      {1}Ja, dose eefil chus, who vood tink dey vood keep mit der eefil chooish kriminal tings eefen after dey been caughten mitten der handen full mit der krimes offen der “blacken plague”, kausen by der eefil chus too, ja ja?
      {2}Yah, those evil Jews, who would think they would stay with their evil Jewish criminal ways even after they’d been caughten with their hands full with the crimes of the “black plague”, caused by the evil Jews too, yah yah?
      {3}The German leaders at the time were quite angry at “those who practiced the Jewish faith” but it was not their religious practices which caused the anger. It was, rather, manic greed and the wholesale destruction of the German economy, causing privation, destitution, and starvation.
    • 1997: “MelissaAve”, (Google group): Transitioning at home at 17, the 18th day of May at 8 o’clock a.m.
      We were talking to her for a while and she had caughten sight of a pair of purple panties sticking out of my shorts (I still remember what color they were).
    • 1998: “STEELCLEAT”, alt.politics.clinton (Google group): Arianna Huffington — Clinton as O.J., the 25th day of March at 9 o’clock a.m.
      You slander a reputable man who you know nothing about, other than the liberal “ranting and raving” that has rained on all of us since President Caligula’s record of lies and deceit had finally caughten up with him… and our Liberal press has been lied to long enough to now go after him… (kinda…)‼
    • 1998: “Jeffrey J Nucciarone”, rec.pets.cats.misc (Google group): I lost a friend today., the 5th day of June at 8 o’clock a.m.
      At night when the lonely days had caughten up to me, he was there seeking warmth and comfort, keeping me company.
    • 1998: “Emwo prez”, (Google group): [8.15.98] [3/5], the 20th day of August at 8 o’clock a.m.
      TS: Wait! I’ve heard word that Vivian Taylor has caughten up to the D-Brigade and the mystery man is there! Get those cameras back there right now. Vivian Taylor, please stand by.
      GLOSSARY: “TS” are the initials of Tommy Sessons.
    • 1998: “R W Wolff” (quoted by “D. Martin Moore”), rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc (Google group): Native Fish Conservancy Digest Saturday, October 3 1998 Volume 01 : Number 033, the 3rd day of October at 11:25pm (date of original writing) & the 4th day of October at 8 o’clock a.m. (date quoted)
      These probably occur as well; another common hybrid is the pumpkinseed / bluegill. I have been lucky (or not) enough to come across any of the super odd hybrids such as rockbass, or largemouth / sunfish hybrid. I have also caughten the largemouth / small mouth hybrid the aptly named mean mouth bass. Generally if you are familiar with your local sunfish, you can see who the other parent species was, although this can be quite cryptic when one of the parents was a hybrid itself.
    • 1998: “JamesM”, (Google group): Feeling like using my razor for the last time…, the 6th day of October at 8 o’clock a.m.
      It was like having a gun pointed to my head and I had to do it, or else… BUT …it has caughten up with me. I became MAJORLY burned out on four years of college flying by the seat of my pants!
    • 1998: “G.H. Meeks”, (Google group): Bad Moons Rising, the 29th day of October at 9 o’clock a.m.
      One other person I have spoken to so far said they have also had bad moons thrown into games but I am willing to bet based upon the # of times I have watched it happen more people have had it happen. Probably most do what I did and question their sanity but I am sure others have caughten it as flatfooted as I did yesterday.
    • 1998: “Amanda”, alt.pets.ferrets (Google group): Broken Toe? Update!, the 25th day of November at 9 o’clock a.m.
      Now she is up and running and lets me check her feet (worried moms… geesh). She is a lot quieter, and hasn’t caughten any feet in the past two days, so I’m happy!
    • 1999: “Mephistoff Ellis”, alt.callahans (Google group): OK, Coach, *now* what do I do?, the 4th day of January at 9 o’clock a.m.
      Cholla wrote in message <76q1ln$su8$> that she’d been caughten by a kitten.
    • 1999: “VernonH”, (Google group): Pokémon Pikachu: Mew Clarification., the 14th day of February at 9 o’clock a.m.
      Yes you do because if you hav’nt caughten him the pokédex just gives you a blank.
    • 1999: “Jonathan Thomas”, (Google group): Why do you hate Ash?, the 3rd day of November at 9 o’clock a.m.
      Why I hate Ash is for the following:
      1) It’s calculated that Ash could have caughten 70 Pokémon. He only has 8 now, two he either released or gave away.
      2) He never earns his badges. So far, he has only won 3 badges fair_and_square. The Cerulean City badge was for saving the gym, Pewter for sympathy, Saffron for making Sabrina laugh, Celedon for saving the gym, and if I’m correct, Earth Badge for beating Team Rocket. Not fair, eh?
    • 2000: “zipper”, alt.childcare (Google group): Tomorrow’s Friday‼, the 3rd day of February at 9 o’clock a.m.
      I seem to have finally caughten (sp? word?) what all the daycare kids have had for the past 3 weeks. Kayla, Jory and Steve (DH) are all coming down with it too.
    • 2000: “C King”, (Google group): Mailing List Mayhem, the 26th day of August at 8 o’clock a.m.
      He leveled up my Lapras to 48 (My pokémon STILL haven’t caughten up yet) and leveled my Jolteon to 38.
    • 2000: “MiB666007”, alt.fiction.original (Google group): Rage (874 words) By Josh Jenks, the 6th day of September at 9:34pm
      THOSE headlights. The ones that have been following me all night. I could feel them. It was HIM; the one who tried claiming my life before. I just held down the gas and booked as fast as I could. I looked in my mirror — I didn’t see those headlights anymore. I saw a new perspective. Flashing red and blue lights and the wail of the siren. I pulled over my car along the side of the road. It seems destiny HAS caughten up with me.
    • 2000: “talen_jacyn”, alt.wheel.of.time (Google group): Illian, the 19th day of October at 8 o’clock a.m.
      I became interested at the talk of murders. “What murders would you be speaking of Captain? Ah, I haven’t seem to have caughten your name?”
    • 2001: “Pirate Scott”, alt.politics.democrats.d (Google group): Laura Bush, the Play-Doh First Lady, the 22nd day of August at 4:54am
      Ya, but each of what you mentioned hasn’t really caughten with the general public… so you continue to grasp for anything possible which includes shameful bashing of his family. You panic because you see the general populous of the United States support Bush, more so than they did even Clinton at the same time in office.
    • 2002: “CM”, (Google group): lucas loses suit over, the 30th day of January at 5:01am
      I seriously feel for you and your country being caught in the middle like that. If USSR and USA would’ve had a nuclear war you would’ve caughten the fallout no matter what.
    • 2002: “Yahuel”, alt.drugs.psychedelics (Google group): This newsgroup has changed, the 6th day of October at 1:16am
      I need to go to bed… it’s daytime here and I haven’t even caughten my Zzz’s yet.
    • 2006: “desiring~escape”, (Google group): Epitaphs, the 17th day of February at 6:04am
      you didn’t listen
      now i am gone
      it’s too late for you
      to tell me why i’m wrong
      i’ve caughten my bus
      and you are all screwed
      you will cry and mourn
      while i lay and brood.
    • 2006: “Dover Beach”, (Google group): Anyone watching Ugly Betty?, the 15th day of December at 3:22am
      Or should I just trundle off to TWOP and ramble about it there?

      Dover (gotten caught? got caughten?)
    • 2007: “Joe Richards [MVP]”, (Google group): Finding old computer accounts problem, dsquery and OldCmp., the 22nd day of May at 1:45am
      Ok, I will look for the email. If I don’t respond within a day or two, it may have gotten caughten up in a junk filter so send me a brief note if that happens so I can doublecheck. :)