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English citations of credits warp

Noun: (video games) a glitch allowing a player to skip to the end credits of a game, enabling quick any% speedruns[edit]

  • 2018, Liam Mitchell, Ludopolitics: Videogames Against Control[1], →ISBN:
    While runners had performed manual credits warps and even ACEs in other games, SethBling was the first to perform either in Super Mario World and the first to reach a massive audience. [] In 2016, a year after SethBling had published his manual credits warp, AGDQ introduced a new category for Super Mario World speedrunning, the “0 Exit Race,” in which four runners compete against one another to perform the credits warp by hand.
  • 2019, James Newman, quoting Narcissa Wright, “Wrong Warping, Sequence Breaking, and Running through Code Systemic Contiguity and Narrative Architecture in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Any% Speedrun”, in Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities[2], volume 4, number 1, Japanese Association for Digital Humanities, DOI:10.17928/jjadh.4.1_7, ISSN 2188-7276, pages 7-36:
    For the first time in history, OoT could be completed as Child Link alone. This was faster than a Credits warp.


  • 2020 October 31, Emir Bektic, Daniela Bruns, Sonja Gabriel, Florian Kelle, Gerhard Pölsterl, Felix Schniz, “Gotta Go Fast: Insights into the Human-Machine-Interaction in Speedrunning”, in Mixed Reality and Games: Theoretical and Practical Approaches in Game Studies and Education (Edition Medienwissenschaft)‎[3], transcript Verlag, →ISBN, OCLC 1202466411, page 239, This is just quoting the above source, added so people don't double-count this. Mitchell had "credits" here anyway, for the record.:
    but they can do everything else: glitch through walls, manipulate the randomness of numbers, boost through otherwise unavoidable cutscenes, abuse temporary invincibility, perform credit warps and other forms of sequence breaking