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English citations of fremish

  1. to shudder, waiver
    • c. 1450, Anon., Prose Merlin, Cambridge University Library MS Ff.3.11, 118-120
      And than he ran upon hym with his swerde and smote hym on the heed and on the lifte sholdre that all the arme fremysshed. And so harde was the hide of the serpent that in the flessh myght it not atame.
    • c. 1450, Anon., Prose Merlin, from 1899, Henry B. Wheatley, Merlin, or, The early history of King Arthur, p. 285
      [...] but as Gaheret com hym for to socoure with thre thousande men of armes, and in his comynge he made all the renges to fremyssh, for eche oon that com with hym bar oon to the grounde at theire metynge, and disparbled the saisnes towarde the brige [...]
    • 1859, Bartholomew Fair, Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair, p. 6]
      He fremiſhed and for dread trembled, and great cries out of his mouth proceeded
    • 1954, University of New Mexico, New Mexico Quarterly, Vol. 24
      I fremish to conceive what might happen to the style of certain avant-garde bellelettrists if they were made to assist at some frequentations with Shakespeare
    • 2002, Guy Macon, "a modest proposal to allay confusion", soc.religion.quaker, quoted in <>
      > Working toward the Light and seeing it in others does NOT depend on restrictions in vocabulary. / I totally fremish!