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English citations of haĉek

rare spelling of háček[edit]

  • 2002, Andrew Zawacki, By Reason of Breakings (The University of Georgia Press, →ISBN, poem iv: “Diacritics”, page 28
    A murmur under the titled redbird feeder, a scurry and nip in the pachysandra, leg vein and leaf vein, worm glaze and wasp shell, calico blight and bruises smudging the pear, frost and unfreezing, the water and where it goes, dark knot of rain unknotting: ask to be that diver falling haĉek into this wave.
  • 2003 February 24th (5:54pm), “Lee Sau Dan” (user name), sci.lang (Usenet newsgroup), “Re: Non-umlaut umlauts”, Message ID: <>
    BTW, Esperanto uses a “breve” on the “u”, i.e. ŭ, not a haĉek.
  • 2006 December 8th, Mary Betik Trojacek, Beyond Ellis Island: A story about Czech immigrants and life on the farm in the 1930’s and 1940’s (Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, page 17
    Illiteracy was rare among the Czechs as they could read and write their language. The old-timers signed their name in proper Czech using the appropriate symbols as seen in the names listed above. For example, my father always wrote Bětik with a little “v” called haĉek, above the “e”; Marušaks placed the haĉek above the “s”, Sedlař placed it […]