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  1. (rare, nonstandard) Alternative spelling of háček
    • 2002, Andrew Zawacki, By Reason of Breakings, poem iv: “Diacritics”, page 28:
      Ask to be that diver falling haĉek into this wave.
    • 2003 February 24, "Lee Sau Dan" (username), Re: Non-umlaut umlauts (see the original message), in sci.lang, Usenet:
      BTW, Esperanto uses a “breve” on the “u”, i.e. ŭ, not a haĉek.
    • 2006 December 8th, Mary Betik Trojacek, Beyond Ellis Island, page 17:
      My father always wrote Bětik with a little “v” called haĉek, above the “e”; Marušaks placed the haĉek above the “s”.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The spelling haĉek employs a circumflex, rather than a háček. Use of the letter Ĉ is almost wholly restricted to Esperanto (where it denotes the same sound, [tʃ], that Č does in háček); where haĉek occurs, it may be a conscious Esperantism. This spelling is very rare and, where it occurs, may be regarded as featuring an erroneous inversion of the háček diacritic: ˇ → ˆ.