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English citations of hawt

Other usage[edit]

  • c1460, John Russell, Book of Nurture, quoted in Emma Phipson, The Animal-lore of Shakespeare's Time: Including Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fish and Insects, Kegan Paul, Trench & Company (1883), page 228,
    […] hen of hawt grese [plump, well fed hen] […]
  • 1587, William Baldwin et al., The Mirrour for Magistrates, Wherein may be seene, by examples passed in this Realme, with how greenuous plagues vices and punished in great Princes and Magistrates: and how fraile and vnstable worldly prosperity is found, where Fortune seemeth most highly to fauour, Part III, Lackington, Allen, and Co. (1815), page 120,
    28. Proud Lucifer, which from the heauens on high / Downe to the pit of hell belowe was cast, / And being once an aungell bright in sky, / For his high pride in hell is chained fast / In deepe darknes that euermore shall last, / More hawt [haught] of heart was not before his fall, / Then was this proud and pompous cardinall :
  • a1874, anonymous, “Swell’s Soliloquy”, in William Cullen Bryant (ed.), A Library of Poetry and Song: Being Choice Selections from the Best Poets, J. B. Ford and co. (1874), page 742,
    I don’t appwove this hawid waw; / those dweadful bannahs hawt [hurt] my eyes; […]