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English citations of open sunshine

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proper noun
  1. Florida's law is called 'Open Sunshine'. [[1]]
  2. Topics will include the federal Open Sunshine Act, how the Washington Public Records Act affects electronic records, Washington open meeting issues and records exemptions in Washington. [[2]]
figurative or metaphorical
  1. I don’t want to have him rule me out of order, so I am not going to talk about Ralph Nader and his hidden monies, and some of the labor unions and how they have monies, and I come from a labor area that may not necessarily have to be right out in the open sunshine. [[3]]
  2. The expression of any reservations or dissent should be in the darkness of party corridors and not in open sunshine. [[4]]
  3. “It is good news that this long-awaited report has finally made its way out of the back rooms and into the open sunshine for all Californians to see. [[5]]
  4. "This issue is really a matter of if we want decisions to be made about city government behind closed doors or in the open sunshine, and we're supporters of sunshine," said Salomon. [[6]]
  5. Let the corporations and interest groups hire these people directly so we know which group is in the open sunshine asking for favors when they feel the need to. [[7]]
  6. However, a lot of "evil works" are done in open sunshine as well. Sometimes it's easier to hide things in plain view rather than go to great lengths to cover them up. [[8]]
  7. Allow partisanship to exist in the open sunshine, not in the shadows as Manross pointed out it did this year. [[9]]
  8. "It seems to me that we have open sunshine here," said Rep. Geoff Simpson, D-Covington. "Where's the secret? There is no secret." [[10]]
  9. As a journalist, I'm committed to the idea of an open government. And i'm happy that much more of our activities will take place in the open sunshine of public view. [[11]]
  10. And it is that open "sunshine" that is the impossibility in this Administration. [[12]]
  11. "'It's hard for me to determine whether this is the auditors being overly demanding or the institute continuing to do what it has done in the past – oppose all attempts to make it conduct its business in the open sunshine of the public,' said Jerry Flanagan, of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, which has been keeping tabs on the institute."[[13]]
  12. The activities of the Agency and its advisory committees must take place in the open sunshine of public scrutiny and accountability. [[14]]
  1. ATTORNEY GENERAL RENO: What I have always said is, based on the way I operated before I came to Washington -- Florida had a good, open sunshine law, a public records law -- and what I always said was,...[[15]]
  2. "They're supposed to have an open 'sunshine' meeting. They're supposed to have transparency," Eckhart said. [[16]]
  3. This change, dubbed the “Open Sunshine” policy, “de-classifies” the formerly confidential criteria used to determine the amount of money an organization would receive. [[17]]
  4. Has there been any push back from the Governor’s office on open government or any of the open Sunshine Advocacy Groups yet? [ELAC%20Conf%20Call%20Transcript%202_29_08.doc]
  5. If the Commission would like a resolution supporting the State going to an open sunshine format she will have one drafted. [EDDF641140BA3CD9]
  6. ...refused to pass totally open sunshine rules or eliminate political bribery by special interests...[[18]]
  7. they keep saying they want open sunshine rules, but they are the very ones who never abide by that. [[19]]
  8. But, I want to say that I consider any issues concerning elections to be public open sunshine concerns. [[20]]