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open sunshine (uncountable)

  1. (literally) Total outdoor sunshine, without clouds, haze, or other obstruction.
  2. (figuratively) openness, transparency, public awareness.
    • 1998 April 29, House of Commons Agriculture Committee Reports, Session 1997–1998, Select Committee on Agriculture, Fourth Report [1]
      The activities of the Agency and its advisory committees must take place in the open sunshine of public scrutiny and accountability.
    • 1998 September 3, Janet Reno, United States Department of Justice, Press Conference, Proceedings
      Florida had a good, open sunshine law, a public records law
    • 2005 September 20, Andrea Grabow, “Open Sunshine’ sheds light on SA allocations”, in The Collegian Online: An Independent Student Newspaper of the University of Tulsa:
      This change, dubbed the Open Sunshine policy, de-classifies the formerly confidential criteria used to determine the amount of money an organization would receive.