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English citations of seagulling

  1. (slang, British Prisons/happyslapping) The act of ejaculating into one's hand and proceeding to throw the ejaculate at another person.
    • 2010, Gerald Rich, "Ceremony combines glitter with garish acts", The Daily Texan, 8 June 2010:
      Ken Jeong, who pranced around in a leopard-print leotard and mimed seagulling (the act of masturbating into one’s hand and throwing the ejaculate at someone) to the entire MTV audience, became genuinely emotional during his heartfelt acceptance speech for the “Best WTF Moment” award when he thanked his now-cancer-free wife.
  1. The act of walking along a narrow beam, or running, with arms outstretched (like a seagull).
    • 2004, Jim Rasenberger, High Steel: The Daring Men Who Built the World's Greatest Skyline, 1881 to the Present, Perennial (2005), ISBN 9780060004354, page 121:
      Also, like "seagulling" (walking with your arms stretched out), it's fairly ignominious.
  1. The practice of scavenging for resources (as seagulls do).
    • 2004, Kieran Keohane & Carmen Kuhling, Collision Culture: Transformations in Everyday Life in Ireland, Liffey Press (2004), ISBN 9781904148616, page 132:
      For example, they would diligently scour dumps for material for housing, clothes, furniture and anything that could be recycled, a practice they called "seagulling."