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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • UNTOUCHABLES: - 10 Dec 1981 by pur-ee!davy
    What actor periodically appeared as Al Capone on THE UNTOUCHABLES?
  • untouchable (noun): net.movies - 16 Jun 1982 by azure!laurir
    She is a half-Vulcan, half-*Romulan*, conceived in rape and raised on a Romulan colony as a half-breed untouchable.
  • untouchables (Indian caste system): net.flame - 27 May 1983 by debray
    Indian society has had the "caste system" since Vedic times (app. 3K years); at the bottom of the heap, in this system, were the Shudras, or the untouchables.
  • untouchable (adjective): - 20 Oct 1983 by Walt Tucker
    Last night, one of the segments was "Laugh-In looks at religion" (a previously untouchable pulic subject for jokes).
  • untouchability: net.nlang.india - 27 Apr 1985 by Rama
    FACT: I have seen SC/ST having been invited for dinner in a brahmins house in city (ofcourse he was an officer, having benifited from reservations) and untouchability practiced in rural areas.
  • untouchable's (list context): comp.os.minix - 6 Jan 1988 by Andy Tanenbaum
  • Untouchable's: soc.culture.indian - 10 Jan 1991 by Rakesh Kumar Sinha
    I have also seen references of a Hindi Poem "Acchoot ki Shikayat (Untouchable's Complaint)" by Sri Heera Dome in the September '1914 issue of the magazine Sarashwati.
  • untouchabilities (list context): - 18 Mar 2000 by lynmore
    The only way (and a very convincing way) that your own perfection can be proven (and only to yourself) is for you to start assuming perfection to be true and to see what happens as you ask more and more questions about how "body casts in the hospital", "problems", "need for time", "deifications", "placing on pedestals", "untouchabilities", "lonelinesses"and "what you might think the Pilot wants" are all your own "perfect just the way they are" creations.

Hippietrail 12:27, 5 Feb 2005 (UTC)