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Diminutive +‎ -ie.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (informal, video games) The video game development company Codemasters (formerly Code Masters).
    • 1989, Contents (in Crash magazine issue 89, June 1991)
      Five power-packed pages of game thrills - more than ever before! On the Powertape: Astroclone (Hewson)! Sea Battles (Atlantis!). Skull & Crossbones demo (Tengen)! On The Run (Design Design)! Soccer Cup Quizmaster (Powertape)! and Pokemania! Plus (gasp!) on your Codies tape: Phantomas, Dizzy, BMX Simulator and Fruit Machine Simulator! Blimey!
    • 1992, James Leach, Bubble Dizzy (game review in Your Sinclair magazine issue 74, February 1992)
      The Codies seem to take great delight in mistreating their little pet egg, Dizzy. He's been thumped, kicked, bashed, scrambled and dropped in his games so far. Now the cruel so and sos want to drown him.
    • 2002, "Rod Prince", Adelaide Clipsal 500 and Codemasters (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Well, obviously it was since they're [sic] now got an interview with a codies rep, however, suggesting a May release.