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Crouch +‎ -y.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A nickname for somebody with the surname Crouch.
    • 2004, Andrew Klavan, Dynamite Road, page 175:
      "Crouch. It was Crouch who realized it."
      "Okay. So then what? After Moncrieff dies, Crouchy says to the kid — what?"
    • 2007, Chris Bascombe, "Crouch goes for broke", Liverpool Echo (Mar 2, 2007):
      Crouch suffered a badly broken nose during last Saturday's 4-0 win over Sheffield United.
      He's fit to play against United tomorrow, but is clearly uncomfortable with the knock.
      "Crouchy is training and obviously wants to play in both these games," explained Benitez.
    • 2010, Jason Gillespie, Dizzy: The Jason Gillespie Story:
      During that year our fitness co-ordinator was Robert Crouch. Crouchy had been running the Adelaide University gym for years and was to be a massive support to me later on, when I broke my leg in Sri Lanka in 1999.
    • 2011, Christopher J. Holcroft, Finding Thomas:
      Crouchy, don't go any further until I see the boss.
    • 2012, Kimberley Chambers, The Schemer:
      What you doing 'ere, Crouchy? This house belongs to my family and you ain't welcome.