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Often short for Cydney, a variant of Sydney/Sidney.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name
    • 2012, Stephanie Tyler, Dire Warning (→ISBN)
      "It's all about getting laid," Cyd explained. It was easier for the young Were, because if he ever got out of his moon craze, he could mate.
    • 2017, Phil Wigfall, A Sol in the Life of Otto Fink (→ISBN):
      And with that, Otto began dancing in front of Cyd. His gyrations were absolutely comical. Cyd wanted to laugh but at the same time, he was aggravated with Otto for not listening. Cyd finally had had enough. He tried a few more times ...
  2. A female given name
    • (Can we date this quote?), Alexis Allee, I Don't Love You (→ISBN):
      Frank crawled into the bed with Cyd, his eyes puffy, no more tears in him to cry anymore. Cyd stared at the painted portrait of Mercades that she painted on her first birthday. Frank put him arm around her and rubbed his face into her arm.
    • 2012, Dixie Webb, The Trucker (→ISBN):
      "It just blew my mind," Cyd said as she continued to dial. [...] Cyd rushed home that evening, [...] and completed her other tasks [...]