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DYC (plural DYCs)

  1. (botany, humorous) Initialism of damn (or damned) yellow composite: any hard-to-identify yellow-flowered member of the sunflower family (Compositae).
    • 1981, Kent Dannen, Donna Dannen, Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, page 29
      At times, it seems as though all flowers are D. Y. C.'s, but these brash newcomers of all colors account for []
    • 1989, Janice J. Schofield, Richard W. Tyler, Discovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, the Northwest, page 131
      Herbalist Michael Moore describes Arnica as a "DYC," or "damn yellow composite." For beginners studying flora, the yellow members of this family tend to cause confusion.
    • 2002, Graham Nicholls, Alpine Plants of North America, page 145:
      Hymenoxys richardsonii, like H. acaulis, covers a very wide range and could possibly come into the category of "just another D.Y.C." (Damned Yellow Composite).
    • 2008, James Luther Davis, The Northwest Nature Guide, page 205:
      The most common though sometimes difficult to tell apart yellow members of the sunflower family are arnicas, groundsels, goldenrods, and mountain-dandelions. There are so many confusing members of this family that some botanizers use the term DYC for "damn yellow composite."

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