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Alemannic German[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle High German Diutschlant, compound word formed from phrasings like diutsch lant n, diutsche lant n, in diutscheme lande n, ze diutischeme lande n, (in) diutschiu lant n pl. Cognate with German Deutschland, Dutch Duitsland, West Frisian Dútslân, English Dutchland, Swedish Tyskland, Icelandic Þýskaland.


Proper noun[edit]

Dütschland n

  1. Germany
    Dütschland isch e föderalische Staat in Öiropa.
    Germany is a federal state in Europe.

Related terms[edit]

Central Franconian[edit]

Central Franconian Wikipedia has an article on:
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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Ripuarian (in Aachen and Köln)) Germany