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"Darth" from either Dark Lord of the Sith or blend of dark +‎ death, and "Vader" from Dutch vader ("father").


  • (UK) enPR: därthʹ vāʹdər, IPA(key): /ˈdɑː(ɹ)θ ˈveɪ.də(ɹ)/


A Darth Vader on the Gatwick Express.

Darth Vader (plural Darth Vaders)

  1. A powerful individual or force, particularly one that is seen as malevolent, dominating and threatening.
    • Robert Whiting, The Meaning of Ichiro: The New Wave from Japan and the Transformation of Our National Pastime (2004) p. 130:
      Irabu had hired Nomura, a man with whom he obviously had a great deal in common, and, who, as we have seen, was rapidly becoming the Darth Vader of Japanese baseball.
    • Marleen S. Barr, Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium (2003) p. xvii:
      Bush's missile shield plan positions him as Darth Vader.
    • James Price Dillard, Michael Pfau, The Persuasion Handbook: the Persuasion Handbook (c): Developments in Theory and Practice (2002) p. 611:
      Commonly assumed to exert massive effects on the electorate, political spots (notably negative ones) have been teasingly called the Darth Vader of modern politics...
    • Jon Lewis, The New American Cinema (1998) p. 108:
      In two different speeches the vice president called Malone, alternately “the Darth Vader of the cable industry,” and “[the man who runs] the cable Cosa Nostra.”
  2. (Britain, rail transportation) A British Rail Class 460 train.
    • 1999 September 17, gl1, “Gatwick Express New Stock Nose Cones”, in uk.transport.london, Usenet[1]:
      When the new GEX stock (Darth Vaders!!) are in service, and the inevitable happens and they break down, EWS will no doubt trundle along to rescue it
    • 2005 January 5, Peter Masson, “What future for the MK3's?”, in uk.railway, Usenet[2]:
      What was modified so that 73s could haul (or push) and heat air-con stock on Gatwick Express (pre Darth Vader) - the locos or the coaches?
    • 2006 February 11, Tony Polson, “First Capital Connect want more 319s from Southern”, in uk.railway, Usenet[3]:
      Is there not also a degree of commonality with the Darth Vader units of Gatwick Express, which are likely to join the Southern fleet when (if) the GatEx franchise is terminated?

Proper noun[edit]

Darth Vader

  1. Darth Vader, the villain of the science-fantasy film Star Wars


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