Deadeye Dick

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Deadeye Dick (plural Deadeye Dicks)

  1. (informal) An especially accurate marksman.
    • 1958 Jan. 6, "It's a bullseye or nothing in this African Manhood Test" (advertisement), Life, vol. 44, no. 1, p. 81 (retrieved 1 Jan 2016):
      You have to be Deadeye Dick to become a Masai warrior. . . . [H]e must pass a spear-throwing test.
    • 1979 July, Bob Brister, "Shooting: Silhouettes," Field & Stream, p. 84 (retrieved 1 Jan 2016):
      How would you like to be the envy of your friends, a real Deadeye Dick of a rifle shot?
    • 1997, Frank Bank, Call Me Lumpy, →ISBN, p. 108 (Google preview):
      Davey Freakin' Crockett couldn't have hit the bull's eye better than I did. Talk about your Deadeye Dicks.
    • 2015 July 25, "Deadeye Dick Misses The Mark Again," (retrieved 1 Jan 2016):
      Former Vice President Dick Cheney earned the moniker Deadeye Dick when he accidentally shot an acquaintance in the face.