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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed in the Middle Ages from a Low German variant of Theodoric, Germanic þeud "people" + ric "ruler", and revived in the nineteenth century.[1]


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name.
    • 1895, The American Magazine, Crowell-Collier Pub. co.,1895. page 446:
      "Do you think so? Her husband has an odd name - Derek Keppel. He is a musician - a violinist."
    • 1974, Joseph Heller, Something happened, ISBN 0 224 01065 4, page 509:
      We do not entertain as much anymore because of Derek. (He produces strain. We have to pretend he doesn't.) I used to like him when I still thought he was normal. I was fond of him. I used to call him Dirk, and Kiddo, Steamshovel, Dinky Boy, and Dicky Dare. Till I found out what he was. Now it's always formal: Derek.
    • 2010 James Robertson, And the Land Lay Still, Hamish Hamilton, ISBN 9780241143568, page 292:
      Frederick or Derek Boothby was in his late fifties, the son of a naval officer and a daughter of the Earl of Limerick.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Popular in the UK in mid-twentieth century.

Related terms[edit]



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