Dolly Daydream

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The cover of the sheet music for the song “Little Dolly Daydream” (1897) by English composer Leslie Stuart (1863–1928)


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Dolly Daydream (plural Dolly Daydreams)

  1. A girl or woman given to daydreaming.
    • 1897, Leslie Stuart (lyrics and music), “Little Dolly Daydream: Pride of Idaho”, London: Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd., OCLC 47314690, performed by Eugene Stratton:
      Little Dolly Daydream, pride of Idaho: so now ye know! / And when ye go, ye'll see there's somethin' on her mind, don't think it's you. / 'Kase no one's got to kiss dat garl but me.
    • 2008, Tess Stevens, “Freedom and Love”, in Sold: A Young Girl Betrayed by Her Mother into a Life of Vice, London: Hodder & Stoughton, →ISBN:
      In fact nobody knew what Jess wanted, least of all herself. She just kind of drifted round the place. She'd always been a Dolly Daydream, as Mother called her [], and she seemed to have even less backbone than me.
    • 2012, Melanie Hudson, chapter 10, in The Wedding Cake Tree, Camberley, Surrey: Choc Lit, →ISBN:
      She smiled at the memory of Mum. 'She was such a Dolly Daydream that mother of yours.'