Easter Bunny

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From Easter +‎ bunny, calque of German Osterhase (literally Easter hare).


Proper noun[edit]

Easter Bunny

An Easter Bunny.
  1. A symbolic rabbit sometimes depicted delivering Easter eggs to children.
    • 1905 April 1, Mary Dawson, “An Easter Bunny Party”, in Good Housekeeping, volume 40, page 461:
      An Easter Bunny Party
    • 1915 April 1, The Christian Advocate, volume 90, page 438:
      One day the old Easter Bunny looked out of his winter covert and Said to his Bunny-wife, who was busy coloring Easter eggs, “It is high time we set out to look for the Easter Lily.”
    • 2006 March 16, Bryan Thompson, “I Want My Mummy”, in Totally Spies!, season 2, episode 2, Teletoon, Marathon Media, spoken by Alexandra “Alex” (Jennifer Hale as Samantha “Sam”; Katie Leigh):
      Yeah, remember? We’re Spies, we deal in fact, not chasing after Easter Bunnies.
      Yeah, right. Wait the Easter Bunny’s missing? A-ha-ha! Just kidding, guys! I know the Easter Bunny is tucked away safe in his little toadstool house up in the fjords of British Columbia.



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