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English +‎ -able


Englishable (comparative more Englishable, superlative most Englishable)

  1. Able to be translated into or expressed in English.
    • 1945, John Crowe Ransom, The Kenyon Review - Volume 7:
      Only two pages of the Pushkin are given to the lyric, and these to such relatively Englishable items as a ballad ("The Upas Tree") and the "Exegi Monumentum," which has had its hundreds of English predecessors.
    • 1989, Alton L. Becker, Writing on the tongue, page 5:
      The term is gemes, and the vehicle it provides for metaphoring is Englishable as 'pinching a plump baby in affection'.
    • 1997, Glimmer Train - Issues 21-24, page 62:
      But this isn't an askable question. It isn't Englishable.