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FNG (plural FNGs)

  1. (US, military, slang) Initialism of fucking new guy.
    • 2003, :"Two agents in a dark blue sedan were waiting for me. One of them, Jim Heekin, took charge immediately, and also put me in my place. "You must be the FNG," he said as we shook hands." — [1]
    • 2004:"The other guy is hollering "F-N-G!" He's saying "Your FNG is here!" And I didn’t understand what FNG meant. I soon learned: Fucking New Guy. Or we called them Cherries, meaning brand-new guy in Vietnam." — [2]
    • 2008, Rick the FNG in EM is awesome!.:
    • 2009:"The FNG here says that we have too much ammunition." District 9