February fill-dike

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Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

February fill-dike

  1. A rural appellation for the month of February, when rain or melting snow fills dykes with water.
    • 1837 William Hone - The every-day book and table-book; or, Everlasting calendar of popular amusements
      Regarding the season, there is an old proverb worthy noticing: February fill dike, be it black or be it white.
    • 1851 Thomas Sternberg - The Dialect and Folk-lore of Northamptonshire
      January white, February fill-dike.
    • 1997 -- Marion Kelsey: Victory Harvest: Diary of a Canadian in the Women's Land Army (page 174) [1]
      Doris, in her terror, had forgotten that February fill-dike is upon us



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