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Alternative forms[edit]


Italian abbreviation: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin).


Fiat (plural Fiats)

  1. An automobile manufactured by the Italian firm Fiat S.p.A..
    • 1997, Jill Nagle, Whores and Other Feminists, page 160:
      Even as a young feminist who was very angry at men, a real ballbuster, I had a boyfriend who drove a Fiat, I was always fashionable, even though it was hippie gear.
    • 2003, Mary-Rose MacColl, Killing Superman, page 108:
      We'd watched Marion pile her three kids and their stuff into an old Fiat 124 I was sure Dad must have picked for her; she didn't look like a Fiat driver at heart.
    • 2005, Chris Bonner, Reducing Stress-related Behaviours in People with Dementia Care-based Therapy, page 13:
      You are jet-lagged, have a headache, can't stand driving a Fiat, it's turned dark and you cannot see or read the road signs.

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