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Finland +‎ -ization, translating German Finnlandisierung, referring to the political climate in Finland during the cold war in the view of a 1960s and 1970s West-German debate.


Finlandization (uncountable)

  1. (politics) The process by which a smaller or less powerful sovereign state comes to abide by a more powerful neighbor's foreign policy rules, while retaining its independence.
    • 2022 February 9, Jason Horowitz, “Finns Don’t Wish ‘Finlandization’ on Ukraine (or Anyone)”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      Yet the model surfaced again this week, when President Emmanuel Macron of France was asked by a reporter during his shuttle diplomacy in Moscow whether Finlandization was a possibility for Ukraine. He replied, “Yes, it is one of the options on the table.”