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Floradora (plural Floradoras)

  1. Misspelling of Florodora.
    • 1910, A. M. Williamson, C. N. Williamson, Lord Loveland Discovers America
      She had been called a number of nice things, such as a "real beaut," a high-flyer and a Floradora []
    • 1966, Historical Messenger of the Milwaukee County Historical Society
      The more daring had lithographs of Lillian Russell, Mae Howard, the Floradoras and poses of the Gibson Girls.
    • 1970, Russel Blaine Nye, The Unembarrassed Muse: The Popular Arts in America, page 177:
      Florenz Ziegfeld, who learned much from the Floradoras, produced his first Follies in 1907 (to continue for twenty-five years) and stabilized the pattern for the type. Revues depended on gags and girls, at a higher level than burlesque []
    • 1998, Tama Starr, Ed Hayman, Signs and wonders (page 1893)
      And the sweetly grinning Floradoras, lovingly painted by Ben Strauss himself, undulated from side to side, their palms coyly placed beside their roseate cheeks. Hubba hubba! Folks gathered nightly to admire this vision.